Last Week: PSO and BSYO

Hi everyone,

I had great concert last week with PSO, the orchestra nailed the piece that was not easy at all. The performance was fantastic, the soloists were amazing. My beautiful principal cello, Mia Barcia-Colombo who had the mainly solos were so sensitive and generous with her playing, that I have to confess that it almost brought me to tears every time she started, thank you guys, you were GREAT! I also would like to thank the composer Joshua Bornfield, with whom it was a truly pleasure to work with. He is a brilliant musician and we understand each other really well! I’m pretty sure this concert is going to be the first one of many.

In the following day I was with the BSYO rehearsing Tchaikovsky 4. (Love that piece – love Tchaikovsky…)

I have so much fun working with this group!! Besides their great sense of humor, they are enthusiastic young musicians that react quickly to everything that is asked. They are really sensitive, spontaneous and open! It is truly exciting I believe all musicians, specially young conductors, should have the opportunity to work with youth orchestras! It reminds me the reasons I became a musician. It can be seen in their eyes the same light, dreams, fantasies and passion for the music that motivates me and most of all my colleagues to follow this career. Sometimes we forget it. It is like a long-term relationship in which we should – or at least try to – fall in love with the same person every day… when it doesn’t happen, we become sad and frustrated and that is not what music and love are about – right?!

Next week I am going to be with Marin and BSO again, the repertoire is really exciting Beethoven, Prometheus Overture + Symphony n.5 and Rouse Symphony n. 3!

 See you next blog with my report about “My week with Marin”!!!